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My name is Merle Findhammer. I am an interdisciplinary artist (or: illustrator, writer, podcaster, singer/actor and graphic designer) based in the Netherlands. I graduated from the BA Graphic Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts (Arnhem, NL) and the MA Illustration (PgD) at Falmouth University (Cornwall, UK).

My work could be described as autonomous and research-based and focuses mainly on poetic storytelling, exploration and identity. I love working interdisciplinary, therefore my work is both rooted in visual art (illustration, graphic design), audiovisual and performative work (video, voice, soundscaping) and writing (prose, poetry).

Right now I am into spaces, non-places, words, human emotions and disconnection, and the way abstract shapes evolve.

Want to get in touch? You can reach me at info[at]

  • (CURRENT/ONGOING) ☰ Creative producer at literary organisation Wintertuin (Nijmegen, NL)
    ☰ Curating events and communications at APRIA, publication platform for artistic research (Arnhem, NL)
    — Illustration and cover design for "Boka Yen", Nathania Engelhardt
    — Poster design for short film, Laury Hooghuis
    — Print run for limited edition illustration "A Little Life"
    — Founding of Frankly Collective, a collaborative interdisciplinary design practice with Nai-Syuan Ye
    〰 Co-hosting weekly worldbuilding and storytelling podcast Your Rivers Are Wrong (USA/NL)
  • 2023 ☰ MA Illustration (PgD) at Falmouth University, graduated with Dictinction (Cornwall, UK)
    — Short story "Het brood of het lichaam" published in Seizoenszine and performed at "KRAAK: De Herfst", Theater De Nieuwe Vorst (Tilburg)
    — Book design for "Aan de oevers van drie rivieren ligt een hond", Daniël Olivier
    — Illustration "In de winter willen mijn planten graag dood", published on Notulen van het Onzichtbare
    ◠ Theatre production of "A New Brain" (part: Mimi Schwinn), Theater De Leeuw (Arnhem)
    ◠ Participated in Gluren bij de Buren 2023, open air music festival (Amersfoort)
    ◠ Participated in Eigenzinnig, spoken word night (Arnhem)
    ◠ Participating in Rocktober 2023, October songwriting challenge via De Basis, Nijmegen
    〰 Podcast Your Rivers Are Wrong: season 4 (January), 5 (April) and 6 (August)
  • 2022 — Short story "Galaxy overal" ranking top 5 in the Nijmeegse Literatuurprijs 2022
    — Book design for "Eve", De Nieuwe Oost
    — Identity design for De Schrijfwerkplaats
    ◠ Theatre production "Evita" (ensemble), Posttheater (Arnhem) & De Lindenberg (Nijmegen)
    〰 Podcast Your Rivers Are Wrong: season 2 (April) and 3 (September)
  • 2021☰ BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Arnhem) (completed)
    ☰ ArtEZ Honours Programme "Artistic Translation: Practice Inbetween Territories"
    — Visual concept development for short film production "Het Gat" by Laury Hooghuis
    — Book design for "Sé, sé, sé", Iris Riemens
    — Short story "Rennen voor Farida" published on Notulen van het Onzichtbare
    〰 Podcast Your Rivers Are Wrong: season 1 (December, USA/NL)
  • 2020☰ Double internship at interdisciplinary production house De Nieuwe Oost (production intern) and Wintertuin Literature Festival (design intern)
    — Book design for "Morgen ruikt naar tijgers", Francis Nagy
    — Cover illustrations for three essays by Martijn van Koolwijk, published on Notulen van het Onzichtbare
    — Booklet design for theatre show "Patroon" by Ludwig Bindervoet
    ☆ Participated in The Big Draw 2020 Drawing Festival
  • 2019 — Poster design for short film "Under Reconstruction", Laury Hooghuis, screened at Pleintheater (Amsterdam)
    — Exhibition "Algorithmic Fitness" at Motel Spatie (Arnhem)
  • 2018 — Cartographic illustration for YA book "De Zwendelprins", Moon Young Adult
    — Poster competition "Reclaim the Streets" (part of selected works), initiated by, exhibited at Affiche Gallery (The Hague)
  • 2017 ☰ Start BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Arnhem)
    — Exhibition "Ruimtekoers" (Arnhem)
  • 2016 ☰ Pre-education Art & Design, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Arnhem)
    ☰ VWO–Technasium
    ☰ Degree in Cambridge English: Proficiency (C2)