This Baby Universe

  • Audiovisual
  • Illustration
  • Intervention

Humankind is scientifically capable of creating a universe. This Baby Universe is my speculative artistic rendering of such a 'baby universe'. I created many hand-drawn illustrations and digitally rendered moving animations. Through projecting this material on a three-dimensional multilayered surface made of textiles such as tule and translucent chiffon, I created the atmospheric space through which my baby universe is (re)presented. The installation is accompanied by a minimal soundscape of ambient noise.

Specifically the aspects of scale, size and perspective (how microscopic footage might look similar to galaxy-scale photographs) and the act of representation (what is real and what is speculative? If you feel the value or weight of something, does that mean it exists?) stood at the base of this audiovisual research.

The installation raises questions such as: What does a speculative atmosphere physically look like? How do we represent something we cannot perceive? Where does the boundary between translation, representation and creation lie? In answering all of these questions, This Baby Universe attempts to showcase what the form of life looks like.

  • DateJuly 2021