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De Zwendelprins

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De Zwendelprins is a Dutch fantasy adventure novel taking place in Suryan, a fictional medieval India, in which the main characters travel through the world and explore many places. Therefore publishing house Moon Young Adult requested a fictional map that would provide a visual to the world the author created.

My focus for this project was to try to bring the feeling of a lush, vibrant, textured pseudo-India to the cartography. Because I could not use color, I tried to achieve this same vibrant intensity by using many small elements (woods, mountains, font for smaller kingdoms, city icons) that I handdrew with a thick, calligraphic brush to recreate the feel of Indian ink. In addition to that I layered many textures over eachother in order to recreate the feel of stacked patterns and fabric, which is so present in Indian visual culture.

  • DateDecember 2018 - April 2019
  • ClientMoon Young Adult
  • RequirementsPlacement: end pages
    Color scheme: grayscale
Visual development
process De Zwendelprins
Map detail
De Zwendelprins detail
Final design