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This project started from the question: how do we experience our favorite music? I sing my music more than that I actually listen to it, so I wanted to find a way to visualize all the nuances of my unique (singing) voice.

I first created an acapella medley out of all my favorite music. After that I created a DIY device out of PVC tubes, a small mirror attached to the "membrane" of a balloon, and a laser. When singing into the membrane, the membrane (and with it, the mirror) starts to vibrate. The laser is pointed to the mirror and therefore the laser creates patterns on the opposite wall.

After recording the full medley through the device, I cut up the footage. Each letter sung in the medley therefore creates one GIF. To put it back into the medley I finally created an abstract lyric video to the medley, showing how long each letter was sung.

  • DateJune 2018
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